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Katy Webber is an experienced therapist with a wealth of knowledge behind her. She gained her bachelor of arts double degree at The University of Auckland, majoring in both psychology and education. Her study focused on neuropsychology, which helps explain why and how we do things from a biological viewpoint. Katy finds this a useful tool for normalising and explaining issues to her clients. 


She went on to complete a postgraduate diploma in counselling theory with distinction, also from The University of Auckland. Katy has continued to study since graduating. She is an established ACT and CBT therapist, studying with leaders in these fields. 


Katy holds several certificates in the study of the psychological impact of vision loss, chronic health issues and physical trauma and is considered an expert in these areas. She has held a lecturing position at The University of Auckland in the Optometry School, educating students on the impact of the loss of vision and how to work with patients when giving upsetting news. 

As well as being a therapist, I’m a mum to three grown children (and two dogs), an eternal optimist, and a woman on my own health journey. I’ve experienced highs and lows. I understand journeys.

I’m personable and direct, and laughs are just as frequent in my counselling sessions as tears.

Education & qualifications

  • Bachelor of arts degree (BA) in psychology and education from The University of Auckland.

  • Postgraduate diploma in counselling theory (PGDipCounsTh) with distinction, from The University of Auckland.

  • Katy is a fully registered member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors.


Katy is accredited to provide counselling services for WINZ, EAP and ACC (sensitive claims and physical trauma). Talk to your case worker about whether you qualify for funding.

Additional training and qualifications:

  • Certified acceptance and commitment therapist (ACT)

  • ACT grief and trauma training

  • Low-vision training (O&M, ACATs, Braille, Deafblind, ADL, accessibility)

  • Certified person-centred therapist.

Image by Tim Marshall
“For a long time I thought I was broken. I really did. But Katy showed me, very quickly in fact, how to choose to respond to my thoughts and feelings and take control of them rather than letting them control me. Life still keeps happening, of course it does, but I feel amazing now, despite the ups and downs that life throws and will keep throwing at me. ”
– DS, Tauranga
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