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Katy Webber offers general, health and physical trauma counselling services. These are available face-to-face at her clinic in Pakuranga, Auckland, or online by arrangement.


Katy is accredited to provide counselling services for WINZ, EAP, and ACC (sensitive claims and physical trauma). Talk to your case worker about whether you qualify for funding.



If you’re going through a particularly challenging time or experiencing thoughts, feelings or behaviours that are getting in the way of living the life you choose, and you don’t know how to change things for yourself, then I can help. 

Your therapy with me will briefly cover what got you to the place you’re at, and then look more at what’s blocking your path forward. I will teach you how to apply positive techniques that will get you moving in the right direction, and living a rich and meaningful life again with a new centre of inner calmness. 



A diagnosis of a disease or illness can happen to anyone at any stage of life. Feelings of shock, grief and loss, not knowing how to cope with the present situation, anxiety about a future prognosis, or living with the health issue are all common reactions. If this is happening to you, I can help.

I can teach you how to adjust to your health concerns and flourish despite the circumstances, using techniques that free you from the 24/7 worry of living with a health issue. It’s worth noting that people caring for someone living with a disease or illness can report higher levels of stress, anxiety and depression than those living with the health issue. Therapy can be useful for people in these caring roles, too. 



We all like to think it won’t happen to us, yet physical trauma – usually as the result of an accident – can happen to anyone at any time. Shock, denial, depression, increased anxiety, and fear of the implications are frequently reported reactions. I can help you if you’ve experienced physical trauma.

I will work with you to develop simple yet effective coping skills immediately following the traumatic event, and then teach you how to create long-lasting resilience and gain a deeper understanding of how to be proactive with your mental health.

Image by Kyle Myburgh
“Cannot speak highly enough of Katy Webber. My worries and anxiety levels have reduced greatly after speaking with her over the past few months.”
– MW, Queenstown
“I know life will deal unpleasant stuff at times and my future vision has an unknown prognosis, but through practising what I have learnt through Katy I feel well equipped to handle what comes at me: I feel solid. I’m forever grateful.”
– KO, Auckland
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